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I'm still using the old version of the Friends page, because it causes me to doubt the user friendliness and general utility of the *new* Friends page when Livejournal's invitation says, "Switch to the new one and try to customize it".

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Joss Whedon's Romney Apocalypse video is a stitch!

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/6TiXUF9xbTo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

(I don't know why the embed code isn't working... the clickable link works, though.)

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Because of Hot Toys' rather, ahem, whimsically extended timeline for releasing their sixth-scale Avengers figures, I went completely mad and pre-ordered Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Captain America from Sideshow Collectibles, in addition to the Loki figure I ordered back in May. Despite this, the very first Hot Toys Avengers figure I'll be getting will be Nick Fury. He's sold out at Sideshow, so I'm getting him from another fan; he should arrive sometime this week.  Then on Friday the 26th, Sideshow is scheduled to ship Hawkeye (originally scheduled for a July release!). The highly theoretical release dates for the remaining figures are December for Black Widow and Cap, and February 2013 for Loki.

The only other Avengers figure I'm definitely going to order is Agent Phil Coulson, which isn't even available for pre-order yet... I'm guesstimating pre-orders for Coulson will open in the next month or two, with delivery sometime in the first quarter of 2013, but it's Hot Toys, so who the hell knows? I would love to order Thor, Iron Man Mark VII and Hulk, but I still haven't hit the Powerball, so I'll be stopping at three Avengers, two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, and the villain of the piece.

Now I've got to get a display case and figure out where the hell it's going to go...

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erindizmo asked: I have seen NOTHING that definitively says it's a prequel. In fact, here's a pretty good recap of the video from someone that was there: pagebranson(.)tumblr(.)com/post/33711971223/nycc-marvel-tv-panel-recap-now-with-pictures

Thanks for the link! I feel MUCH better about Phil’s chances now…

I now have this intro scene in my head:


A man, face out-of-shot or indistinguishable in the fogged mirror, preps for his day. Camera lingers on mirror image of his chest, with a large vertical scar on the left and a matching scar over the left shoulderblade. Man dons shirt, ties necktie, then swipes a towel over the mirror, wiping away the condensation and revealing Agent Phil Coulson.

(cue swooning fangirls :’)


The only problem I foresee with the S.H.I.E.L.D. series is that the fans will have a LOT of leadtime to fanfic their favorite theories, and might be disappointed in the final product!

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(Reblogged from my Tumblr)

I am still totally giddy after Marvel’s New York Comic Con announcement that Clark Gregg will be reprising his role as Agent Coulson for Joss Whedon’s S.H.I.E.L.D. series, so I’ve been reading all the articles regarding the news. Most of them say something that boils down to “we don’t know how they’re going to bring Coulson back, if he survived or if the show takes place pre-Avengers, or what”, but at least one site (Boomtron) says:

“The announcement came when Gregg was speaking about doing his work on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, when a video featuring Avengers director Joss Whedon and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige broke the news that Gregg would be “headlining” the S.H.I.E.L.D. series, and it would take place before Coulson’s death, thus enabling it to still be a part of the same continuity as the movies without making his sacrifice meaningless.”

Did the writer here see something in the Whedon/Feige video clip that none of the other reporters saw? (I haven’t seen the clip myself… could somebody please help a fangirl out with a link to it?) Literally no other article I’ve read comes to the definite conclusion that the series is set pre-Avengers.

But I digress… What I really wanted to ask was, why do so many people just assume that Agent Coulson died in the first place?  There is ample ambiguity built into The Avengers to allow the writers to bring Coulson back without retconning or “making his sacrifice meaningless” (which is a phrase I hate, incidentally, implying as it does that an act of bravery has no meaning unless it kills you - it’s just not good enough to be wounded or maimed, no sirree! Nothing but your heroic death will do!) I leave Life Model Decoy speculations to others, and address here only what I think is the most likely scenario - that Nick Fury lied about Coulson’s death.

The seeds of doubt were planted throughout the film, with Tony Stark’s constant references to Fury’s secrets and lies, and especially with Fury’s manipulation of the Avengers using the blood-soaked Captain America trading cards. You can see that even Maria Hill has her doubts - if Fury is coldly calculating enough to get those cards from the locker, drench them in blood, and and lie about them to give the Avengers a “push”, what else might he be lying about in order to get the outcome he wants? It’s the rapid-fire unfolding of events after that that keeps her - or any of the Avengers - from further questioning Fury’s account (the film has a very compressed timeline - I reckon the whole thing covers just three or four days).

If Fury lied and Coulson was only badly wounded but not dead, this in no way undercuts the power of the scene for me - Coulson still went in to face Loki knowing the risks. While he does give Fury the idea to use his death as an incentive for the Avengers to finally work together, Coulson clearly believes he’s actually dying - there’s no deceit intended on his part. But seconds after Coulson becomes unresponsive, Fury makes way for the medical team and he’s obviously already calculating what he’s going to do next.

Think of the possibilities for dramatic tension if Fury lied about Coulson’s death. How does Fury walk back from that and come clean to the Avengers? How would he ever get them to trust him again? And how would Agent Coulson feel about Fury lying to the Avengers - to Cap?! - about his death, and about the destruction of his trading cards? Aside from my natural inclination to want Agent Coulson to have survived - I’d really love to see him in more of the Avengers films - I think it could lead to much more interesting situations if the “Fury Lied” scenario is the one Joss Whedon and Marvel decide to go with.

I guess we won’t know for quite a while what tack Whedon will take, or whether Coulson will even be in more than the pilot episode, let alone more of the movies. But a fangirl can dream, and petition the Powers That Be (Joss and Marvel) in hopes that Agent Coulson’s return will be a real and long-term one.

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I was offline all day having, y'know, a life, and I signed in to my Twitter account this evening to the best news a fangirl could ever hope for!

Today at New York Comic Con, Clark Gregg made a surprise appearance (really a surprise - the sneaky bugger was tweeting on Thursday that he couldn't make it to NYCC because he was tied up with his new film, and asking for fans to please tweet from the Marvel panel to let him know what was going on) at one of the Marvel panels, where he announced that Agent Phil Coulson will be a part of the Marvel S.H.I.E.L.D series that Joss Whedon is developing for ABC. Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon appeared in a video clip, where Feige stated, “There was never going to be a S.H.I.E.L.D.‘ show without Agent Phil Coulson." Whedon added that Gregg "...is headlining the S.H.I.E.L.D. show and always was."

I believe the squeeing at this announcement may have been audible from coast to coast...

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It's Avengers Day! Today - or more accurately, last night at a minute after midnight - Marvel's The Avengers was released on BluRay, DVD and digital download in the US. Since I pre-ordered from Amazon (they also comped me a BluRay/DVD to make up a bit for the MCU: Phase One - Avengers Assembled box set fiasco), I did not run out to Best Buy at midnight to grab a copy.  Not sure how much work I'm actually going to get done, but I am at the office, pretending (mostly) to work while going to Amazon's tracking function at regular intervals to check on the progress of my packages (UPS says they're out for delivery). I expect to find the packages on my doorstep when I get home from work (which can't be soon enough!).

And in the spirit of new-release Tuesday, Mists of Pandaria, the latest expansion of World of Warcraft, also went live just after midnight. I stumbled out of bed at 05:15 this morning and started up a Pandaren monk before all the good names were taken in my realm, but I haven't started leveling her yet. Leveling up out of the starter zone in the beta was completely insane, but at least I have a fair idea of where the bottlenecks are. That doesn't help me avoid them, but it will help me remain calm when it takes me an hour (or more!) to complete a quest that should take 5 minutes. Anyway, the monk class is interesting and was fun to play in the beta, once you got out of the starter zone.

Wonder if I can give The Avengers the attention it deserves while simultaneously leveling Lotus Cloud?

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The real reason behind Agent Coulson's death in The Avengers film came to light recently when actor Clark Gregg admitted via his Twitter account to a having a torrid affair with Avengers writer-director Joss Whedon, and posted photographic evidence. The story was reported in the Arts and Entertainment section of The Examiner's online site on August 15.

I am much amused.

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Dear 20-Something in the muscle car behind me:

I may be almost twice your age, but I am not stupid. I do understand that by hanging on my bumper and flashing your lights, you are indicating your desire that I go faster than the 6 MPH over the limit I am currently doing. Neither am I feeble or timid. Give me a fast car and a closed track, and I will happily blow your socks off, speedwise. However, so long as there are such things as State Troopers patrolling the highways in search of a revenue stream to fund the New Years office party, I believe I will decline your urgent request that I exceed the posted speed limit by 25 MPH in the right-hand lane. You are quite welcome to use any of the other four lanes of highway to pass me.


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Sharon Lee rolanni just mentioned an important resolution being put forth at Chicago WorldCon, to wit: that Yngvi is not a louse.

Oh, my, that jarred a few memories loose. I haven't read L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt's Harold Shea stories is a looooooooong time, but I remember them fondly. So I hunted around the house, and came up with The Compleat Enchanter (The Incomplete Enchanter and The Castle of Iron in a SF Book Club edition, looking mighty tatty after um, 37 - yipes! - years); the 1978 Phantasia Press edition of Wall of Serpents; and a by-ghu 1950 first edition Gnome Press copy of The Castle of Iron. The Castle of Iron and Wall of Serpents were both signed (to me) by de Camp in 1980, probably at the 6th World Fantasy Con in Baltimore. The Castle of Iron certainly was - it's dated 10/31/80. Wall of Serpents only has the year, though, and if I remember correctly, we had Sprague and Catherine in to speak at the University of Delaware's science fiction club at about that time, so it could have been then...

Anyway, the lot of them have gone on the "to read" pile, which doesn't appear to be getting any smaller...

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